There are lots of things to consider before setting your sights on the ocean, from permits to personal beliefs about sand (yes, that’s a real thing). So these tips should help you prepare for your big day and ensure it is the dream wedding you’ve always wished for.

Dresses for the beach

Not all dresses work for a beach wedding. You have to think what will be easy to move in. Opt for a lighter fabric so your dress flows nicely in the ocean breeze. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable on their wedding day.

Don’t Use Veil

A lot of beach brides add accessories to their updo instead of a veil. This is way more practical and far more comfortable for you. Adjusting your veil throughout the ceremony isn’t exactly fun.

Accessibility for your Beach Wedding

It might be lovely to get married with your toes in the sand. But can your Grandma, who uses a wheelchair, make it to the ceremony to see you put said toes in the sand? Will your guests be standing? Are there options for those who will need to sit?

The beach can add a layer of difficulty when it comes to accessibility. So consider your guest list and figure out if any additional accommodations will need to be made so that no one misses out.


Choose flowers that will hold the heat like orchids, calla lilies, and freesias. Don’t choose roses because they’ll wilt quickly.

Microphone for the Ceremony.

There’s going to be a lot of background noise at your beach wedding, what with the wind and the waves. It’s a good idea to use a microphone for the ceremony. This will allow your guests to hear you better. Don’t forget to use a windscreen cover for the microphone so that guests can hear you saying your vows and not a gust of wind muffling your words or love.

Planning your beach wedding is not just about the logistics, it’s also about inspiration and the design.

Not every beach wedding needs to be teal with seashells glued on anything that will sit still.

We can cover nearly any style imaginable. Contact us. We are experts in weddings decorations.

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